Remote Monitoring

Over the next few weeks, 7th Level will be deploying our newest service offering  –  Remote Monitoring and Asset Management.  As our clients have grown the need to closely monitor all of their workstations, servers, networks, printers, and yes, even mobile devices has grown.  Our solution will provide secure remote access, monitoring, and management for our clients – residential and business.

This will enable us to provide the following and much more:

  • Provide immediate remote support just as we have done in the past
  • Monitor virtualized environments
  • Audit and manage workstations, printers, routers, networks, and mobile devices.
  • Perform updates, deploy critical patches
  • Provide hardware provisioning, deploy software and/or services to one device or a group to multiple locations without business disruption
  • Mobile device monitoring, which includes data plan management, geo location tracking, and selective wipe.

This solution will help us monitor and correct issues faster while lowering the overhead of office managers as well as IT costs.