Data Backup Solutions

Protect your data.

Today’s businesses are constantly evolving, bringing new challenges and demands when it comes to technology and data management. Company data is usually one of its most valuable assets, making it catastrophic if data was lost or corrupted. Every company has different requirements when it comes to data backup solutions. 7th Level Technologies has extensive experience with both online and on-site data backup schemes and we will develop a strategy tailored to your business.

Which type of data backup solution is right for your business likely depends on the nature of your business, but one thing is certain, your data NEEDS to be backed up. With all the possibilities that can result in data loss — hardware failure and virus infection for example – protecting critical data is vital.  Whether you are a residential client and need help selecting and setting up a backup solution, a business with mission critical data, or a manufacturing facility needing to retain data on manufactured goods, we can help design your data backup scheme.

Our backups take into considering the following concepts:

Data Centralization

This centralization concept simplifies administration of the backup, ensures that important data is not missed during routine backups, and is stored in secured encrypted locations.

File Versioning

Our backup technologies allow for some or all data to be protected against inadvertent changes or virus infections.

Data Replication

Companies with more than one physical site can take advantage of data replication to other sites.

Hardware Backup Solutions

7th Level can provide hardware backup solutions to help minimize the impact of hardware failure and the cost of owning spare servers by allowing our clients to reserve space on 7th Level servers.

System Level Backup

System level backup, instead of just data, becomes necessary when recovery time objectives won’t allow for long periods of recovery associated with rebuilding a system on new hardware.

System Level Replication – High Availability and Fault Tolerance

When no downtime can be tolerated, 7th level can create system level replication with redundant servers running in lock-step. Failure of one server would have little or no impact to users, depending on the type installed.

System Versioning

Just like data versioning, system versioning can be used to protect entire systems against inadvertent changes from faulty program/driver installs, viruses and user corruption. Server changes can quickly be rolled-back to a point where the system functioned correctly.

Data Recovery

7th Level offers data recovery services for failed laptop/computer/server hard drives as well as external drives.  We’ll assess the level of severity and recover the data or help determine your next steps.