Hardware Diagnostics & Repair

We’ll find the problem for you.

If you’re experiencing a hardware or software related issue on your computer, laptop, or device, we can help.  Using advanced tools and years of experience, 7LT will pinpoint the issue and recommend and take steps to resolve the problem.

Bring your device to us and we’ll perform full diagnostic services and get you up and running again.

Our diagnostics cover the following (but are not limited to this list):

  • Storage:  Hard drive and other storage device issues / failure detection
  • Internals:  CPU, memory, motherboard, and power supply issues
  • Network connectivity:  Ethernet and wireless card issues
  • Video:  Monitor and video card problems
  • Audio:  Microphone and sound card issues
  • Peripherals:  Printer and other device issues

Is your PC running slow? 

The decision to repair a PC is sometimes difficult when the cost of a new PC can be cheaper than repairing your old one.  Of course, buying a new PC is only half the repair when you consider the time of installing and setting up all the applications you are used to using to be productive.

At 7th Level Technologies, we understand this dilemma and have developed some cost-effective strategies for dealing with a slow PC.  Conact us for assistance and/or guidance.