Conference Room Technology

Collaborate, wherever, whenever.

In today’s business, meeting rooms should allow for seamless collaboration between individuals in the same room or in different geographic locations.  There should be support for BYOT (bring your own technology), connectivity for legacy equipment, and also offer the best of today’s technology.

Consider the last meeting you attended and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What personal devices were brought to the meeting?
  • What presentation equipment was available for use?
  • Were there issues with using older equipment?
  • Was there a need to connect to a business system?
  • Was the room cluttered with wires and equipment?

We will assess the needs of your business and design a conference room that allows the most efficient collaboration for you and your colleagues.

Our offerings include:

  • Business system access
  • Interactive displays
  • Support for legacy equipment
  • Support for personal equipment brought to the meeting
  • Video conferencing
  • and more!