Cloud-Based Solutions

Take it to the Cloud.  The Sky is the limit.

Why should you move part or all of your business operation to the cloud?

Cloud services can give you access to some of the latest, most innovative technologies for a reasonable price.  We will assist you in determining which cloud solutions are right for you and migrate your business applications or services.  Moving to the cloud also puts the responsibility of installing and updating software on the cloud vendor, not on you, saving you time and money.  Often times an entire suite of applications can also be made available to your business, whether in the office or if you are working remotely with a  mobile device – all at an affordable price.  The cloud can offer great methods for collaboration, increase efficiency, offer great security of files and important information in a central off-site location, and save you time and money on large up-front costs of on-site hardware.  With today’s technology, you can also host your hardware in the cloud, which may be a cost-effective option for your company.

7th Level can assist you with any of your cloud based needs and we also offer some cloud based services such as data backup.  Let us be your cloud!

Some examples of supported cloud technologies include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Adobe and Google Apps
  • Full technology infrastructure
  • SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  • Email Solutions
  • Security & Downtime Prevention
  • Data Backup
  • Cloud Migration and Support
  • Google Documents
  • Industry specific migration

For businesses who have already transitioned all or part of their business information to the cloud, 7LT can provided cloud services to take it to the next level. Cloud-based solutions are always changing with offerings expanding, contracting, and becoming more complicated. We can help you identify opportunities as well as inefficiencies to attack in order for your business to be as effective as possible.

What cloud services can 7th Level Technologies provide if my business is already on the cloud?

  • Evaluate your current cloud infrastructure – In order to know where you should go next, we need to understand where you are now. 7LT will fully analyze your current technology strategy  to identify opportunities and potential weaknesses.
  • Management & Support – Whether you need to augment your internal IT team, or have grown outside your comfort zone, 7LT can help you management the various cloud-based solutions you are using and support you and your team around-the-clock.
  • Optimize & Procure Cloud-based solutions – 7LT can help you make the most out of your investment by optimizes and adding new technology where necessary, as well as fully supporting the services you use such as Office 365, Adobe, Microsoft Exchange®, Google Apps, and more.
  •  Improve Security & Reliability – Just because your data is off-site does not mean you are not in control. 7LT can help give you peace of mind by making sure you are prepared for any disaster or unforeseen circumstance.
  • Strategic Consulting & Recommendation – We will always be on the look out for the latest services and tools that can help your businesses. We will help your business grow with the changes in your technology.

Many business owners or managers know that cloud solutions can be very beneficial, but with the volume of cloud solutions available it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out where to start and develop a plan for implementation. Evaluating the thousands of solutions available, deciding which are best for your business, and designing a plan for how the cloud solutions will integrate into your business are the biggest challenges businesses face. 7th Level Technologies has more than 10 years of experience taking businesses to the cloud and optimizing “day-to-day” operations to take advantage of the new capabilities provided by the cloud.

What cloud solutions can 7th Level technologies provide?

  • Evaluate your business – 7LT will evaluate your business to make sure the cloud is the right approach for your business.
  • Recommend & procure cloud-based solutions – Let us do the research. Once we understand your goals, we will recommend a set of solutions that will fill your needs. Whether it be Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Adobe Suite, Google Apps, or any of the solutions on the market, 7LT can fully support you.
  • Create an implementation plan – Once the decision is made to move to the cloud, you will need a map. We can help develop a strategy for transition and execute every step to ensure a smooth migration
  • Training & Education – We work with your team to improve their understanding of the new approach. This minimizes inefficiencies during the transition and optimize the day-to-day processes after to make the most of your investment
  • On-going Support – We are with you every step of the way. We can help on-site or over the phone to ensure your infrastructure works smoothly.
  • Expanding your horizons – There will come a time when there are more opportunities to benefit from cloud-based solutions. We can help add services & solutions where needed to keep your business growing.